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From Rok Oblak, How to Make the Holey Roket Stove

YouTube Video showing cooking with the Holey Roket Stove

Making the Holey Roket Stove (youtube Video)

Instructions and some beautiful examples of the Roket stove can be found on Rok Oblak's Web site: http://holeyroket.wordpress.com/

Holey Roket: A Biomass Briquette Stove
Rok Oblak, Slovenia, June 2009

See Rok Stoves
and Fuel Briquette Burning at Stoves Camp 2008

The Holey Roket technology promotes using biomass briquettes and their hole as the key feature of an efficient cooking system. The flames coming in the combustion chamber are condensed within a small space (scheme) providing higher heat output and therefore better combustion of toxic gasses like Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Fuel, Stoves and Water for Haiti
January 27, 2009

There are several projects to supply fuel, stoves and potable water to Haiti. Some have been been ongoing since before the quake and some. The organizations we know of are:

CHF International, Helps (Water Purifier)
To donate a $35 water purifying system, go to https://secure.helpsintl.org/store/haiti.php

Legacy Foundation (Fuel Briquettes)

Miombo, Project Haiti www.prohaiti.org
Peko Pe TLUD pellet fueled stoves to be distributed by Project Haiti. Pellets from Georgia.

Trees, Water, People TWP
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team AMURT http://www.amurthaiti.org/ and
Recho Rocket stove made from mud formed in a bucket, the Haiti Rocket Stove
Stovetec Rocket Stoves in a metal bucket.

World Stove, International Lifeline Fund
Biucci, Everything Nice TLUD stoves fabricated in Haiti. Pellet fuel from Florida (Green Circle). Grass pellets to be made in Haiti.

Fuel Briquette Burning at Stoves Camp 2008
Rok Oblak, August 31, 2008
Briquette Burning StoveBriquette Burning Stove

Stove DiagramStove Diagram

This prototype was to check the hole of the briquette and how gasification can do a nice job. As said, starting the fire with few small sticks and then after preheating the chamber, briquettes ignite by themselves and burn throughly. You can help flames with having a stick in the hole while burning. I really liked how the briquette retained its shape after it burned out, so you could still push the next one it without preventing the draft..

But the briquette burned with the surface lit from the combustion chamber, as Larry predicted. You could literally walk away of the stove with the consistent flame going on all the time (I guess the briquettes were good quality :) The air inflow was only through the hole of the briquette.

Funny was, that even when one briquette burned out, the next one ignited and the airflow continued through the hole of the first briquette.

Mdula: A DIY Mud Cooking Stove
Rok Oblak, August 2008


Mdula or Modular Mbaula (stove) is a design project aiming to simplify the construction of an efficient household mud cooking stove for extreme rural areas. It is based on a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) construction techique using a simple wooden mold.

Rok Oblak has started a blog on the development of the Mdula at:

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The Briquette Press
Continental Drift Blog March 17 2006

Briquette PressBriquette Press

Ecosur: Holey Sawdust Briquettes
Fernando Martirena, September 2003

Here are pictures of our recent development in the field of clay bound briquettes. We have -after a hint from the stoves list, shifted to a holey sawdust briquette which burns far better than our previous versions. We have also re-engineered the machine, which now is more productive...

New Mold

Greetings from Germany, where I am doing a post doctoral research till end of oktober

fernando martirena

See also by Dr. Martirena:
Solid Fuel Block Out of Waste Biomass. The Cuba Case March 2002 (pdf)
Waste to energy Technologies Targetting the Poor. The Cuba Case Study July 2002 (pdf)

José Fernando Martirena Hernández (Prof. PhD Ing.)
website: www.ecosur.org

Richard Stanley, Kampala, October 2003


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