Uganda, How to Build the Improved Household Stoves: A construction guide for the Rocket - Lorena and Shielded Fire Stoves, Energy Advisory Project, GTZ, Uganda Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Peter Scott, July 2005

Ten Stove Design Principles, Larry Winiarski, Dean Still, Aprovecho, August 2005

Durability of Insulating Bricks and Ceramic Stoves, Discussion September 2005

Institutional Stoves in Southern Africa: Malawi Report 2005, Peter Scott, Aprovecho for GTZ/Probec North, October 2005. Includes many rocket plans and guides such as: 200L Brick Stove Plans, Design Guides, Quality Control Guide (xls), Institutional User Guide.

Designing Improved Wood Burning Heating Stoves (2 MB) Dean Still, Aprovecho, October 2005
nike air max 2009 red mahogany wood putty

Ytong: Insulative blocks of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, Ken Goyer, Turkey, Aprovecho Research Institute, November 2005

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Armenia: Burning Manure and Plastic for Heat, Ken Goyer, Armenia, Aprovecho Research Institute, November 2005


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