Design Principles for Retained Heat Cookers
Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Institute, March 2005

Guesses at Design Principles for a Retained Heat Cooker

1.) Air exchanges are more important than insulation

Comparing Cook Stoves (pdf)
Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Institute, ETHOS January 2006

Performance benchmarks for biomass cooking stoves were presented at the 2006 ETHOS (Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service) conference by Dean Still, Nordica Hudelson and Damon Ogle of Aprovecho Research Center. The benchmarks will be useful to stove designers and developers to compare their stoves against many others. The benchmarks were derived from tests of 20 stoves (9 replications each) in work funded by Shell Foundation and the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (USEPA).

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Rocket Stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa, Peter Scott and Jayme Vineyard, Aprovecho, October 2004 (9 reports)
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