Notes from Paul Anderson
Gustavo has presented a very nice video of the use of a tall TLUD gasifier under a DUAL purpose stove frame (frame = stove structure without the heat source) that first boiled 5 liters of water in 12 minutes, and then converted into a plancha stove with chimney, cooking papusas (related to tortillas). Total cooking time 1 hour 45 minutes on one batch of wood chips/chunks (5237 grams) that yielded 1300 g of char. 25% weight yield of char. Probably could have operated an additional 10 minutes with pyrolysis fire and a slightly lower percentage yield of char.

Note: That is approximately 4000 g of fuel of pyrolytic gases (including moisture content that was probably near 15%). Any ash content (probably 1% of the raw fuel) remained in the char.

For a comprehensive resource for TLUD stoves, see Paul's web site:
Nike React Element 87

Urban Justa Stove Building Workshop in San Francisco
Charlie Sellers, July 29, 2008

Sebastian Africano was just through the SF Bay area, building stoves on his way to Stove Camp, and I added this post on his workshop to my evolving IAP site:

Este documento, escrito por Omar Fonseca (Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua, IMTA) parte de la importancia de "la comunicación" en la difusión de tecnología apropiada, en este caso de los fogones sin humo.

New Patsari Stove
Victor Berrueta, GIRA, Mexico 6 junio 2007

Patsari (a base de ladrillo), GIRA
Patsari (a base de ladrillo), GIRA

Nueva Estufa Patsari
Victor Berrueta, GIRA, Mexico 6 junio 2007
Patsari (a base de ladrillo), GIRAPatsari (a base de ladrillo), GIRA

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