Potential Energy stoves are the stoves original designed in the Berkley labs for Sudan (the Darfur region). They are an energy efficient stove designed with the cook's needs in mind.

They have recently added an orange 'cool mesh' to the outside of their metal stove to help protect the stove user (and their children) from burns. The second photo is of a stove field test, where ladies in Africa can see for themselves the advantages and disadvantages of several designs.

The Berkley stove is created out of metal and then shipped to local artisans who assemble the stove in the field. This video shows part of the process.

Air Jordan Release Dates 2020

Dale Andreatta, Ph.D., P.E. and Alex Wohlgemuth, January 2010

An Investigation of Skirts

Predicted heat transfer to various surfaces of the pot with a 10mm steel skirtPredicted heat transfer to various surfaces of the pot with a 10mm steel skirt

The new and inproved firewood space heater from Musaki Enterprises Kenya,

Utilize radiant heat wisely. these space heater get very hot,

Maximum Preformance, Maximum Output, Minimal Fussnike

Pema Pot Skit
Jigme Rangdrol June 10, 2006

Pema Pot SkirtPema Pot Skirt

There seems to be actual agreement that pot skirts make combustion stoves better.
It is clear however that the bulk of deployed stoves do not have pot skirts.
Therefore an inexpensive pot skirt that could be made in the third and fourth world for those deployed stoves would have some usefulness.

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