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Paal Wendelobo, January 2010

Attached you will find a prospect of the new TLUD called MUS (multi use stove).

MUS The multi-use stove.

Laurens Rademakers, Biochar Fund
December, 2009

See the attachment for full sized pictures.

we've designed a new biomass stove that produces char. The stove is a simple hybrid of a rocket stove and a retort. We would be glad if you could upload it to the stoves list, because we want to see what the community thinks of it. It is only a concept, even though we've tested some basic design steps.

We will be testing this design at our large biochar site in Congo, where our project soon kicks off.

Mabaga Charcoal and Maliyab Fuelwood Stoves
Approtech Asia, Philippines

Approtech offers the Philippine versions of the Cambodia New Lao Bucket (Mabaga Kalan) cahrcaol stove and the Sri Lankan Anagi (Maliyab) fuelwood Stoves. The new Lao Bucket was developed by GERES-Cambodia and is approved for carbon credit projects. See brochure attached.


Geres video -

and Approtech

on you tube:

This Rocket Stove that is made from 4 cans and can be made by anyone with metal clippers. The efficiency of this stove surpasses any other rocket stove because it heats an unlimited supply of hot water at the same time that it cooks over the fire. Sound to good to be true? Check it out! Here is the link to the YouTube videos. May the world be blessed and thank God for this gift.

34,870 Rocket Mud Stove, Jiko Kisasa and Maendeleo Stoves in Kenya 2006
Anna Ingwe, GTZ Kenya, Private Sector Development in Agriculture (PSDA) and DGIS, February 1, 2007

RMS Stove
RMS Stove

For more information see the Onil Stove web site:

For more information about the Onil Stove see their web site:

and also the one for HELPS International: Ανδρικά • Summer SALE έως -50%

Gasifying Rocket Stove
Dean Still, Nordica MacCarty, Aprovecho Research Center, July 12, 2007

Btu Calculator

desc=Excel sheet by Ken Smith. Water boil and Btu

A great Excel sheet pertaining to different species of wood.




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