MUS The Multi Use Stove

Paal Wendelobo, January 2010

Attached you will find a prospect of the new TLUD called MUS (multi use stove).

MUS The multi-use stove.

Production: Simple to produce

  • By hand by local tinsmith or craftsmen
  • By mechanical workshops.
  • By mass-production

Practical use

  • As a two blaze household cooking stove
  • Easy to move the pan for simmering
  • As a energy unit for huge pan cooking at institutional kitchen.( more units together)
  • As a room and water-heater
  • For grilling and camping
  • Rescue stove and refugee camps

Fuel (Simple adjustment to type of fuel, less dense fuel need a bigger volume)

  • Pellets. 10cm x 14 x 15-50 cm hwl
  • Chopped wood. (size depend of type)
  • Woodchips. (size depend of type)
  • Briquettes (size depend of type)
  • Wood-sticks (size depend of type)


  • Fuel conserving, fuel-consumption easy to adjust to need of energy
  • Possible to refill.
  • The two blazes cooking, makes it easy to make a meal on one filling
  • Same unit for household and institutional cooking
  • Smokeless and clean burning. No soot (depend a bit on type of fuel)
  • The pot will come closer to the glowing charcoal for longer simmering
  • Easy to empty the ashes and leftover char

The multi-stove is not jet official tested for emission, soot and tar, but looks promising.
The stove needs more testing and some design is needed before the final product is ready for production.

Practical stove tests carried out by PW 01.2010

Type of Stove Type of fuel Quantity Minutes to boil
5 litre of water
Time of boiling
Time with flame
Peko Pe 5L 5L Chopped wood 1000 gr 24 minutes 25 minutes 50 minutes
Peko Pe 3L Pellets 1000 gr 30 minutes 40 minutes 65 minutes
MUS15 Pellets 500gr 32 minutes 17 minutes 60 minutes
MUS 40 Pellets 1000 gr 30 minutes 90 minutes 2 hours
Type of stove Type of fuel Minutes of
cooking temperature
Time to boil
1 litre
Time to boil
Time to frying
MUS 40 pellets 1:30 minutes 5 minutes 13 minutes 50 minutes
MUS 40 Chopped wood 55 minutes 6 minutes 15 minutes 50 minutes

Water-temperature for 5 litres tests 18 -98 °C for 1litres test 13- 98°C
Time-consumption can differ depending a bit on the use of one or two blaze at the same time..

For more information, see the Multi Use Stove pdf

It was tested informal by Aprovecho, but we made a mistake by filling both chambers at the same time so too much of the flame went outside the pan and all figures was wrong. The emission test without pan was quite low, almost the same as Peko Pe. The MUS is definitely best with pellets.
With regards, Paal WendelboSaldos - Entrega gratuita