Charcoal has a specific combustion value on the average of 28,900 kJ/kg. Its density is strongly dependent on the wood used in its production. An average value is about 400 kg/m3 according to Earl (1975).

"Use an Improved Charcoal Stove!" by Shima Sago, the Assistant Coordinator at Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organisation, made this promotion story.

CO Emissions from a Charcoal Rocket Stove
Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Center, June 12, 2006

CO Emissions From a Charcoal Rocket StoveCO Emissions From a Charcoal Rocket Stove

The Sprocket Rocket (pdf) (Uganda)
Ken Goyer June 4, 2006

Ken Goyer describes the "sprocket rocket" charcoal stove and its use in Uganda.

This is a bicycle sprocket. I was visiting a camp near Lira and this woman came along holding this sprocket. She said that she was planning to make a Sprocket Rocket and that she had paid 1000 shillings (about 54 cents) for it.

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Initial Improvement of a Charcoal Burning Rocket Stove (pdf)
Dean Still, Nordica MacCarty Aprovecho Research Center June 5 2006, Rev June 14

Fuel Entrance ClosedFuel Entrance Closed

Jeff Davis, June 2006

New Lao Bucket charcoal stove by GERES and the Cambodia Fuel Savings Program (CFSP)

GERES/CFSP Cambodia New Lao Bucket StoveGERES/CFSP Cambodia New Lao Bucket Stove

Average efficiency 29% compared with traditional Lao Bucket 10%.

CFSP Stove Designs
Charcoal Savings Using the New Lao Bucket Stove, Stove Molds and Other CFSP tasks to improve production and dissemination
and Improving Wood Charcoal Manufacture

Brochure on Cambodia Fuel Savings Program

Monitoring Table

Articles de sport pour homme

Images of experiments with a mesh wick in a charcoal stove.
Jigme Rangdrol Class of 10 year Olds June 2006

Mesh Wick

The original idea was to see if we could coax the gas from the fuel to climb up a mesh frame and burn above the fuel bed thus allowing us to see what was going on better and see subtle changes in CO burns.


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