Paul Hait Explains the Pyromid Charcoal Cooker

Paul Hait, May 29, 2006

In the Pyromid structure, as you know we organize the Briquettes in a Harmonic Thermal Array (HTA) at the Energy Center( 1/3 from the top) of the inverted reflective Pyromid.The reflective foil liner that goes into the Pyromid to catch the grease and ash has holes at the bottom that feeds and focuses the combustion air into the HTA. The Briquettes are spaced about 1/4 to 3/8 inch apart in the Vertical Array Mode so that they get plenty of combustion air and radiate their heat off of one another ( Harmonic Thermal Feedback). The result, they go to Super Heat in 4 to 6 minutes.Today,we have 250,000 Pyromids spread throughout the World. We have taken back 29 in 25 years, and for minor reasons. We have not had one liability claim. We sold some of the HTA technology to Charbroil . Pyromid has had 29 issued patents on its technology over the years. We also have Super Heat Inserts that go into Weber BBQ's. We can do with 9 briquettes in the 12" Pyromid what Weber does with 50 in the Smoky Joe. If you treat Charcoal Briquettes right,as demonsrated in the Pyromid (HTA)Efficient Combustion Technology, you get very satisfactory burning and heat release performance of Charcoal Briquettes. We have 25 years of proven performance in this area.Go to


Paul W. Hait
American Innovation Inc.
Bend, Oregon

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