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ARISTO. The Plant oil stove
Yun Ho Chae, Grupo Ari SA, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic December 3, 2008

Two Burner ARISTO StoveTwo Burner ARISTO Stove

With the purpose of developing a stove that uses a different fuel to petroleum and other conventional, 4 years ago was initiated the development of an alcohol stove, which presented several problems in its efficiency such as:

A. Under performance in the generation of heat energy
B. High cost of fuel (alcohol)
C. High levels of evaporation of alcohol, which generated a minor use
D. Smell of alcohol due to its evaporation
E. Danger in use because of the high level of inflamability of alcohol in their natural state

With these results has been decided to seek other fuel that could solve these problems.
During 4 years we have researched and developed a stove that is capable of generate the same or better performance that gas stoves have and could solve the drawback of accessibility to gas in rural areas and areas far from cities.
To that end we developed a stove that works with vegetable oil, whose characteristics are presented below.

3. Description

Aristo is a 2 stove burners that operates using all kinds of vegetable oil.
The most known types of oils are Higuereta, jatropha, Camelina, African palm.
They can also be used cooking oils made of soybean, maize, sunflower, although these are not desirable because of its high cost and are also products consumed at home.
Another excellent option is the use of used cooking oil, which has a high performance at low cost.
The stove oil has a good performance on fuel consumption.
Compared with the gas generates a decrease of 40% in costs

Features and Benefits

1. Easy to use and fast ignition
2. High level of heat energy
3. Danger void, because the oil only lights inside the stove
4. Do not emit toxic gases.
5. The oil is not volatile, so you do not need special packaging
6. No need of heavy and expensive storage tanks
7. The oil can be obtained at any point of sale, in small packages
8. In the fields can be sown to extract oil for own use
9. It reduces the import of liquefied gas which would generate large benefits to the country.
10. They can be used as heaters in cold regions.
11. This produces a savings of up to 70% in costs compared with gas.
12. It helps preserve the environment by reducing the felling of trees used as firewood for cooking.
13. The oil stove is much more economical than a gas stove.

For more information contact to:
Grupo Ari SA,
Tel: 1-809-975-4675

See videos on the following links:

1.You tube: Aristo Demostration

2.You tube: Aristo Introduction

Servals Hybrid Pressure Stove
and Venus Energy Efficient Stoves
Rajan Philip, Servals Automation Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India, July 2008 (Rev August 21, 2008)
Hybrid StoveServals Hybrid Stove
Servals Hybrid Stove 2Servals Hybrid Stove

Please visit for more details.

P. Mukundan (098403 56578)
Managing Director
Servals Automation Pvt. Ltd.,
5/1 Balaji Nagar, 1st Street,
Eekatuthangal, Chennai - 600 032.
Tamil Nadu, India
Ph: 044 - 64577181 / 182
Fax: 044 - 45540339
Email: /
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Posted July 26, 2008
"Probably you could try the Hybrid Pressure Stove developed by Servals Automation at Chennai, India. This stove uses 30 % vegetable oil and 70 % kerosene - kept in separate tanks. The stove is designed to use Straight Vegetable Oil ( ie. no processing involved ). The stove was developed under my guidance. Rajan Philip

Organisation Profile :

Servals Automation Pvt. Ltd. is a part of Servals Group of four decades experience.

Servals Specialize in manufacturing socially relevant products motivated by Rural Innovation Network –a NGO specializing in incubating and networking rural innovators.

Servals manufacture RAIN GUN –a mega sprinkler used for water management in irrigation and dust abatement and Energy Efficient Kerosene Stove\ Burners.

Servals are assisted by AAVISHKAAR INDIA Micro –Venture Capital fund have their Manufacturing base at Chennai India .

Venus Energy Efficient Stoves manufactured by SERVALS won an International Award in a competition held by Paraffin Safety Association in South Africa .

Venus Burners because of their special features are now used by many Original Equipment manufacturers in India .

Vegetable Oil Stove
Erik Jan Rodenhuis August 16, 2006
Volunteer at Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT), Enschede, The Netherlands

The PROTOS Plant Oil Cooker
Samuel N. Shiroff, BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Munich, Germany, April 24, 2007
Protos CookerProtos Cooker

Meeting a pressing Need: Project Appraisal of the Oilseed Ram Press and Approaches to Implementation

Kick Start Oilseed Press

The press extracts oil from sunflower, sesame, and other oil seeds. The filter produces clear, cold-pressed, nutritious cooking oil ready for sale or consumption. The seedcake by-product is valued as a high protein animal feed supplement.


India: Centre for Jatropha Promotion
Society for Rural Initiatives for Promotion of Herbals (SRIPHL )Churu, Rajasthan, India

Transesterification of plant oil to a biodiesel, Reference Sites
Erik Jan Rodenhuis, Volunteer at Working Group on Development Techniques, Enschede, The Netherlands September 8, 2006

Stove fueled by 'tuba-tuba' launched in Leyte
By Vicente Labro, Inquirer
Published on page A1 of the Apr. 21, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer



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