The PROTOS Plant Oil Cooker

The PROTOS Plant Oil Cooker
Samuel N. Shiroff, BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Munich, Germany, April 24, 2007
Protos CookerProtos Cooker

Facts and figures:
Power range: 1.6–3.8 kW
Usage: 2 liters oil per week for a family of 4-5 > 100 liters per year
Fuel: diverse plant oils e.g. coco- nut oil, jatropha oil, cotton seed oil, peanut oil etc.
Efficiency: 40-50%
Emissions: ten times lower than with high quality kerosene
CO2-balance: neutral

How PROTOS works:
The plant oil is filled in the tank. The burner is pre-heated with a small amount of alcohol or other available fuel source. Through application of the pump, the tank is pressurized with approximately 2 bars. The oil rises into the vaporizer where the heat of the flame converts the liquid into a gaseous mixture. The gas flux emits from a nozzle into the burning area, where it mixes with surrounding air and burns in a blue flame. The power output can be ad-justed with a valve in the fuel line.

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