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This site contains topics and information discussed on the Biomass Cooking Stoves email list to help develop better stoves for cooking with biomass fuels in developing regions.

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If you have relevant information or pictures please send it to TR Miles, so we can post it through this site and share it with other interested folks.


The purpose of this "stoves" list is to promote the development
and introduction of improved biomass-burning stoves.

The scope is broad:

"promote" includes technical information exchange, discussion of
difficulties and means to overcome them, identification of pertinent
literature and expertise, etc.,

"development" includes such topics as research, development,
demonstration and commercial manufacturing techniques. International
competitions are specifically included,

"introduction" includes world-wide, using products fabricated in
factories, the traditional sector, or by users. Emphasis is expected on
developing countries,

"improved" refers to factors that will reduce biomass
consumption, improve the health of users, reduce pollution (both locally
and globally), and/or augment income (as through charcoal-making),

"biomass-burning" includes wood, charcoal, crop residues, and
animal manures. Emphasis is expected on wood collected by the users, but
might include production techniques,

"stoves" includes cookstoves, space-heating, water-heating, but
might also include small kilns, ovens, etc., with emphasis on the first

The scope excludes commercial promotion of any specific
corporation, but product identification and product factual information
is encouraged.


The Biomass Cooking Stoves email list is moderated by:
Andrew Heggie list@sylva.icuklive.co.uk
Tom Miles tmiles@trmiles.com

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