Building Biomass Cooking Stoves

This is a collaborative book that will be built from participant contributions. It should bring together information about stove topics in a coherent way. Chapters or pages of the book may include tips and techniques for brick, clay or ceramic, or metal stove construction, grates etc.

Introduction (this page)

--Combustion Chambers
----Important material properties for combustion chambers
--Fuel Feed

--When to use brick
--Tools and Materials
--Kilns and Bricks
--Insulative Brick
--Brick Stoves
----Brick, Clay and Dung (Reddy)
----Insulative Brick Stoves (Goyer)
--Institutional Brick Stoves
----The Lion Stove - Libhuesi (Crispin)
--Mass Production (Goyer)

Clay and Mud
--When to use clay
--Tools and Materials
--How to Make Clay Stoves (GTZ-IFSP)
--Ceramic Combustion Chambers
----Tiles or Baldosas (HELPS)
--Clay Tips (Boyt)
--Kilns (Hernandez)
--Mass Production

--When to use concrete
--Tools and Materials
--Autoclaved Aeorated Concrete

--When to use metal
--Tools and Materials
--Metal in woodgas stoves (Anderson, Reed)
--Metal for Grates (Ogle)
----Sprocket Rocket (Goyer)

Lexicon of Terms (Boll)

-Design Principles

Examples of Stoves Construction
-Visual Guide to Making a Justa Stove (Wilmes/TWP)

To contribute to the book:


Select a topic below, or add a topic, and submit a page or document.
Use "Create Content> Book page"

Select the "Parent" topic wher your submission belongs.

Please indicate your name and organization on submitted pages.
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