Vegetable or Plant Oil Stoves

Vegetable Oil Stove
Erik Jan Rodenhuis August 16, 2006
Volunteer at Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT), Enschede, The Netherlands

Jatropha StoveJatropha Stove

Dear stovers:

As a member of the Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT) I received a question about stoves for Jatropha oil. The WOT is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers who are assisting with problems concerning small-scale applications of sustainable energy and hand pumps for developing countries. We are based in the Netherlands and for more information about us I refer to our website:

Is there anybody who has more information on stoves for vegetable oils, like rapeseed or jatropha oil? These oils have a high viscosity and a high flash point (180 degrees Celsius and higher).

The only design on vegetable oil I could find is the one developed at the University of Hohemheim and took over by Siemens Bosch Hausger?te. Also Leyte State University at the Philippines was involved with the testing of the stoves, who named the stove the "Protos stove".

More information on these commercial stove can be found at:

My question is: are there more designs or initiatives for these kind of stoves? Any information on this subject is welcome!

Best regards,

Erik Jan Rodenhuis

A Jatropha Stove

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