Paper Fireballs #1
Jeff Davis

Below you will find five links to short videos of fireballs being produced:

#1 Starting to reduce paper.

Dung Berry Fireballs
Lanny Henson, October 30, 2006

Switchgrass and Paper Fireballs at Stoves Camp
Tom Miles, August 2006

Fireball Switchgrass
Fireball Switchgrass
Fireball Paper

Fireball Paper

Pond Scum Fireball Part II
Jeff Davis September 10, 2006

Picture #27Picture #27

Jeff Davis June 18, 2006

In order to make my first batch of fireballs I needed some charcoal fines or dust. I charred some switchgrass and leaves to start with. That would be easy to reduce, but was unsure how to go about this task at hand. Having already removed the paddles from the cement mixer, I got the bright idea to place the switchgrass and leave char in the cement mixer plus one large rock, see picture #1. So I gave it a try, not knowing that there is such a device as a ball mill. I learned fast that a lid was in order! Dust cloud anyone? This worked well for the charred switchgrass.

Jeff Davis, June 2006

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