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Rogerio Carneiro de Miranda shared his new video that highlights the features of the Ecofogão in Brazil.

It is is a rocket style stove that uses wood to heat a cast iron griddle and an oven. It is an efficient stove that also includes an chimney, and the option to build it into an attractive and functional kitchen island. They also have an option that heats water (for washing or bathing).

For more information, and pictures, and to buy the stove, see their website:

Stuart Conway, May 2010

Trees Water and People has been working with the Dr. Jennifer Peel of the Colorado State University School of Public Health on a longitudinal study of improved cooking stoves in Granada, Nicaragua.

There is a nice article describing this on the Colorado School of Public Health web site, read The Killer in the kitchen

There's some additional information on the CSU Nicaragua Cook Stove Project web site.

Fuel, Stoves and Water for Haiti
January 27, 2009

There are several projects to supply fuel, stoves and potable water to Haiti. Some have been been ongoing since before the quake and some. The organizations we know of are:

CHF International, Helps (Water Purifier)
To donate a $35 water purifying system, go to

Legacy Foundation (Fuel Briquettes)

Miombo, Project Haiti
Peko Pe TLUD pellet fueled stoves to be distributed by Project Haiti. Pellets from Georgia.

Trees, Water, People TWP
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team AMURT and
Recho Rocket stove made from mud formed in a bucket, the Haiti Rocket Stove
Stovetec Rocket Stoves in a metal bucket.

World Stove, International Lifeline Fund
Biucci, Everything Nice TLUD stoves fabricated in Haiti. Pellet fuel from Florida (Green Circle). Grass pellets to be made in Haiti.

Impact of improved cookstoves on indoor air pollution and adverse health effects among Honduran women
Stuart Conway, Trees, Water and People August 5, 2009

Maggie L. Clark, Jennifer L. Peel, James B. Burch, Tracy L. Nelson,
Matthew M. Robinson, Stuart Conway, Annette M. Bachand and
Stephen J. Reynolds


Dear Friends,
In case you haven’t already heard the news, it is with great excitement that I announce TWP as the 2008 winner of the US$1 million Rio Tinto Prize for Sustainability! Along with National Director Richard Fox and TWP Board members, I was honored to accept the prestigious Prize at the 2009 International Economic Forum of the Americas (Conference de Montreal) in Montreal last week.

Everyone at TWP is absolutely thankful, delighted and overwhelmed with gratitude at being the 2008 Rio Tinto Prize winner. Now, we have the opportunity to expand our life-changing improved cook stove and community reforestation programs in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Haiti. In particular, we will use the Prize to leverage additional sources of funding, and increasingly share the work we are doing with other interested organizations. This is an historical moment for TWP!

Thank you for believing in our mission and supporting our efforts. Together, we have accomplished tremendous things over the past 11 years that benefit both people and the planet. We look forward to celebrating more successes with you in the future.

For additional information about the Rio Tinto Prize for Sustainability, please visit our website at or directly at
Yours for a sustainable tomorrow,

Stuart Conway
International Director

The Belizean Justa Stove
A Step by Step Construction Guide in English and Spanish
Sebastian Africano for Trees water and People, February 2009

Attached are pdf files of the guides in english and Spanish.

Click on the images below to expand, and then click on "Original" for detail.

Trees Water and People and AMURT in Haiti
Stuart Conway, Trees Water and People, June 10, 2008
Rocket Stove_1.jpg
(Select image to enlarge)

Construcción de la Estufa Justa (English and Spanish)
Jim Wilmes, Una-Familia, Trees Water and People

Step By Step Instructions for building a Justa stove by Jim Wilmes, Unafamilia, volunteer for Aprovicho and Trees Water and People

Jim Wilmes, Volunteer for Aprovecho Research Center and Trees Water People


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