From Richard Stanley Legacy Foundation to Steve Amodio in Burkina Faso on Presses December 14, 2006
Subject: response to your report on Burkina Faso...

This is in response to your email sent earlier, below in which several issues are presented.

Steve: We set out to build three pressed I had designed during our initial month of talks. We were grossly inefficient in 
spending, but we produced three presses to try out in three villages.

Richard:The press you designed is clever. Thought I'd share a few other designs with you too.

1) A hinged base with a miniature ladder arrangement, the rungs of which provide a multi position pivot for the lever, from Mozambique Keith and Alberto of the SPARK association outside Maputo: Shown is Alberto with bqs in hand lever leaning against cylinder. with mini ladder welded on ot top end of cylinder. I think it hinges at base to open for briquette release.

Estufas de cocción y producción de ladrillo: un problema ardiente
Fernando Martirena, Tom Miles, Kurt Rhyner Ecosur 2003【正規品】最新のナイキ メンズ レディース スニーカー通販

Ecosur: Holey Sawdust Briquettes
Fernando Martirena, September 2003

Here are pictures of our recent development in the field of clay bound briquettes. We have -after a hint from the stoves list, shifted to a holey sawdust briquette which burns far better than our previous versions. We have also re-engineered the machine, which now is more productive...

New Mold

Greetings from Germany, where I am doing a post doctoral research till end of oktober

fernando martirena

See also by Dr. Martirena:
Solid Fuel Block Out of Waste Biomass. The Cuba Case March 2002 (pdf)
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José Fernando Martirena Hernández (Prof. PhD Ing.)

The Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln (VSBK) in Nicaragua (pdf 500k), Martin Melendez, Grupo Sofonias Nicaragua (July 2003)

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