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"I am very pleased to inform you that we are completing the fifth year of establishment of our non-profit organization, Foundation for Sustainable Technologies (FoST) in April 2007. I would like to share our efforts, on this occasion, with a documentary (DVD) film with you recently released by Gorp Productions in Spain for fund raising to support our program in Nepal. Please visit or type "Fost Nepal" in GOOGLE VIDEO to view the film."

Current Improved Cookstove (ICS) Activities in South Asia: A Web-based Survey, September 2006
Breathe Easy Network, Shell Foundation, March 17, 2007

This is an overview of all the recent cokstove programs which have been or are bing implemented in South Asia.

From Richard Stanley Legacy Foundation to Steve Amodio in Burkina Faso on Presses December 14, 2006
Subject: response to your report on Burkina Faso...

This is in response to your email sent earlier, below in which several issues are presented.

Steve: We set out to build three pressed I had designed during our initial month of talks. We were grossly inefficient in 
spending, but we produced three presses to try out in three villages.

Richard:The press you designed is clever. Thought I'd share a few other designs with you too.

1) A hinged base with a miniature ladder arrangement, the rungs of which provide a multi position pivot for the lever, from Mozambique Keith and Alberto of the SPARK association outside Maputo: Shown is Alberto with bqs in hand lever leaning against cylinder. with mini ladder welded on ot top end of cylinder. I think it hinges at base to open for briquette release.

Basics on Combustion: Concepts and Calculations

Basics on Combustion: Concepts and Calculations
Kanchan Rai, Nepal July 2004

Prepared By: Kanchan Rai. Email:

Here is my effort to share my knowledge on
combustion theories. Online calculation is available for each topic (you can input data only on white cell and click calculate)  Need flash player to do the online calculations.
Click here to download the flash player

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GATLANG VILLAGE , Rasuwa, NEPAL: Me, My Children and the Killer SMOKE
Pawan Shrestha, Nepal November 3, 2006

Dear All,

Thank you for your time in reviewing our Attachment. Please Check the Attachment about the killer smoke in a remote village of Nepal.

Gatlang VillageGatlang Village
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Clean Development Clean Development Mechanism and Poverty Reduction
Developing a Regional Strategy for the CDM in Asia and the Pacific Region 30-31 March 2006 Bangkok


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