Congratulations to Ashden Award Winners Toyola Energy Ltd (Ghana) and Aga Khan Planning and Building Service (Pakistan)

Toyola Energy

Toyola Energy Finances their cookstove through an innovative credit system. They sell the stoves on credit, and provide a "money box" which proud stove owners can use to pay off the stoves from the money they save on charcoal each week. That has allowed the company to employ local producers to build the stoves, and increase the number of improved stoves distributed and in operation while at the same time cultivating pride in ownership among stoves owners.

Aga Khan Planning and Building Service

AKPBS distributes improved stoves as a part of in integrated approach that helps families owners with insulation, and improved stove with chimney, a water heater, and a roof hatch to let in light and fresh air. This cultivates a pool of locally based artisans and entrepreneurs and the integrated approach dramatically each families lives while reducing the fuel they need to burn.

Ashden Energy Champion Award:
Aprovecho Research Center and Shengzhou Stove Manufacturer, USA/China
Packing StovesPacking Stoves
Making affordable, efficient stoves for the masses

The Aprovecho Research Centre in the US and Shenghou Stove Manufacturers in China have pooled their rich experience and skills to produce a cheap, robust and efficient stove for mass production to developing countries. The stoves replace dirty and polluting kerosene and open fires saving up to 50 percent of fuel wood and reducing 70 percent of dangerous emissions. SSM has sold over 60,000 stoves since 2007, producing them at a rate of 12,000 stoves a month and selling them to distributers. The main customer is Envirofit International, which markets stoves in India supported by the Shell Foundation. Other customers are in South Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar, Argentina and Chile.

TLUD Gasifier in Ashden Award for Enterprise
Paul Anderson September 21, 2007
Shenzhou DaxuShenzhou Daxu

Pioneering projects from Bangladesh, India, Mexico and Tanzania win first prizes in the worlds leading green energy awards
Second prize winners from Cambodia, China, India and southern Africa are awarded £10,000 each for their winning work

Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy

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School cookstoves running on crop waste in North India
Ashden Cimate Care Award: NISHANT Bioenergy Consultancy, Chandigarh, Ramesh Kumar Nibhoria, July 2005

Ashden Climate Care Award: ADHESA and Trees Water and People, Stuart Conway, July 2005

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