HELPS Receives Ashden Award

Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy

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London – 24 June 2004 –The international winners of the prestigious Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy 2004 were tonight announced at the Ashden annual awards ceremony in London.

The Ashden Awards rewarded seven projects from India, Pakistan, Kenya and Guatemala for their inspirational technologies that rely on renewable energy to provide social and economic benefits for local communities as well as protecting the environment.

The HELPS International ONIL stove, developed by Don O’Neal, was selected as a finalist among over 100 top sustainable energy projects in the world and received $17,000 for designing a pioneering smoke-free, fuel-efficient stove that cuts the wood required by 70% , eliminates indoor pollution and reduces the risk of burns associated with cooking on open fires. The judges commented: “By bringing this sophisticated fuel-efficient stove into the homes of Guatemala’s rural poor, HELPS is leading the way in the fight against crippling respiratory disease and horrifying burns, while also helping conserve the country’s dwindling forests

The ONIL stove is a revolutionary stove design and implementation system that services the poorest by protecting women and children from burn and lung disease, the number one killer for children under 5 years old, and by giving women 2 days a week in time because of the wood savings. This valuable time is then available for economic and social activity.

First Lady of Guatemala, Wendy de Berger, expressed her appreciation on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Guatemala for acknowledging the work of Helps International: “…sustainable energy is pivotal to the reduction of poverty, and poverty reduction is central to world peace…” The ONIL Stove also enjoys the support of the Shell Foundation, the government of Guatemala and its “partner” NGO’s throughout Guatemala and the United States.Nike SF-AF1