Assessing Cook Stove Performance: Field and Lab Studies of Three Rocket Stoves Comparing the Open Fire and Traditional Stoves in Tamil Nadu, India on Measures of Time to Cook, Fuel Use, Total Emissions, and Indoor Air Pollution
Nordica MacCarty, Dean Still, Damon Ogle, Thomas Drouin, Aprovecho Research Center, January 2008

Aprovecho Stove Camp 2007 SCHEDULE
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho Research Center, July 12, 2007

Stove Camp 2007 is set to start on Monday 7-16 at 9:00 am. If you are planning on attending and haven't contacted us yet, please get in touch ASAP!!

The following is a schedule for the classes that will be offered for during the 2007 Aprovecho Research Center / ETHOS Stove Camp.

Institutional Barrel Stoves in Northern Uganda: Theory vs. Reality
Damon Ogle, Aprovecho Research Center, February-March 2007
FredaFredaPerforms Controlled Cooking Tests

As seen at ETHOS 2007, we have put together a step be step video on how to build Damon Ogle's design of an Institutional Barrel Stove. The stove is constructed from 200L barrels.

The stove was able to bring 45L of water to boil in 37 minutes using only 2150g of wood.

In a Controlled Cooking Test the Institutional Barrel Stove used 73% less fuel than an open fire!!

The video is available in multiple part downloads here on our website www.aprovecho.org

The video is also available on DVD for $10 + Shipping.

Home Made Insulation For Stoves
Dean Still, Brad Van Appel, Damon Ogle Aprovecho Research Center, October 22, 2006

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Using Pumice to Make Lightweight Ceramics in El Salvador
Damon Ogle, Aprovecho Research Center, March 31, 2003

Tilemaker in Central America making "baldosa" a floor tile.

Six pumice/clay bricks create an insulated combustion chamber

A kiln in El Salvador for firing bricks

Comparing Cook Stoves (pdf)
Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Institute, ETHOS January 2006

Performance benchmarks for biomass cooking stoves were presented at the 2006 ETHOS (Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service) conference by Dean Still, Nordica Hudelson and Damon Ogle of Aprovecho Research Center. The benchmarks will be useful to stove designers and developers to compare their stoves against many others. The benchmarks were derived from tests of 20 stoves (9 replications each) in work funded by Shell Foundation and the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (USEPA).

Two Stove Camps in India November 2004, Damon Ogle, Ken Goyer, Aprovecho, December 2004
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