Institutional Barrel Stoves in Northern Uganda

Institutional Barrel Stoves in Northern Uganda: Theory vs. Reality
Damon Ogle, Aprovecho Research Center, February-March 2007
FredaFredaPerforms Controlled Cooking Tests


Twelve institutional barrel stoves were built in Gulu, Uganda and donated for use in schools, hospitals and feeding centers. The stoves were similar in design but used several different materials for the combustion chambers. These stoves will be monitored for durability of components and possible design changes. The stoves varied slightly in details and used a variety of different sized pots. Controlled Cooking Tests were done using one of the stoves to compare results from actual cooking practices with Water Boiling Tests done in the laboratory.
Costs of parts and labor for fabricating the stoves were recorded and compared with estimates for manufacturing the same stove in the US and in India.