Lanny Henson, May 26, 2006

Center fired cartridge burner modules for wood and charcoal.

Simple Tin Can Chimney
Lanny Henson May 2006

Burning charcoal- UMC-CH1 Charcoal Burner Module
Lanny Henson May 13 2006

Lanny Henson April 2006

See additional photos at http://www.lanny.us/grate.html

Finding a simple to make grate for cook stoves has been a problem. Most
grates require some king of complicated punching, welding or expanding.
Well I built a stove that uses a grate, the top lit stove is not remarkable
but the grate has promise.

Bain Marie With Oven Heart Burner Lanny Henson January 2004



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