Simple Grate

Lanny Henson April 2006

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Finding a simple to make grate for cook stoves has been a problem. Most
grates require some king of complicated punching, welding or expanding.
Well I built a stove that uses a grate, the top lit stove is not remarkable
but the grate has promise.

It is a folded bar grate, using a metal strip that can be cut from a bucket
or a steel drum.
The grate is simple to build requiring only hand tools, simple enough to be
used as a consumable part. I have a grate made from 24ga that was fired 6
times. The zinc is gone but otherwise it seems no worse for the ware. An 18
ga grate cut from a thick drum should last quite a while. You could also use
strips cut from tin cans and just piece them together. Cans are free, you
need two pair of snips to make the no fastener splice. Shop: Nike