Practical Action

Cooking Fuel Options (pdf) Help Guide Sudan
United Nations Joint Logistic Center UNJLC Khartoum - Sudan

Scaling up and commercialisation of household energy initiatives Boiling Point 50 January 2005
Liz Bates, Practical Action 2005


Theme editorial: scaling up Jonathan Rouse

The Upesi Rural Stoves Project
Vincent Okello, Practical Action, Kisumu, Kenya December 2005

Vincent Okello describes the development and dissemination of the Upesi wood burning stove in Western Kenya in Boiling Point No.

High altitude smokeless metal stove research and development Kanchan Rai, A. Zahnd and J.K. Cannell, Boiling Point 51.

Development of Improved Cookings Stoves for Mountain Areas of Nepal, July 2004, Kanchan Rai, Research Development and Consultantcy (RDC) Unit Kathmandu University


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