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Sjoerd Nienhuys, April 2009, Revised August 2010

Mobile One Pot ICS
Mobile One Pot ICS

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For a few years I have been now and then struggling with the design of the ICS, to overcome some problems of a few users. The attached documents gives the results.


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Sri Lanka: Terracotta One Pot (TOP) ICS Prototype Stove
Sjoerd Nienhuys, Hilversum, The Netherlands, February 15, 2008, updated August, 2010

Terracotta One Pot (TOP)
Terracotta One Pot (TOP)

Please see the attached a paper Sjoerd Nienhuys made on the ICS pottery stove he developed for northern Sri Lanka after the tsunami.

Current Improved Cookstove (ICS) Activities in South Asia: A Web-based Survey, September 2006
Breathe Easy Network, Shell Foundation, March 17, 2007

This is an overview of all the recent cokstove programs which have been or are bing implemented in South Asia.

Anagi Stove Construction in Sri Lanka
ARECOP, Practical Action

The most popular ICS in Sri Lanka is marketed under the trade name
“Anagi”. The word “Anagi” in Sinhala language means precious or
excellent. So “Anagi” stove is very useful as it saves fire wood and
cooking time. Lab tests carried out on the stove indicate a technical
efficiency of 21 % and numerous field cooking tests indicate average
firewood savings over 30%...

Gliricida: Local Fuel to Local Power, Ray Wijewardena, Colombo, Sri Lanka, September 2005

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