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Martin's Stove Term Lexicon
Martin Boll, April 2006

Martin Boll has created a list of stove terms in German, English, Dutch and French.

Download the Stove-words-G-E-D-F-26-apr-2006.xls Excel file or if you have Created an Account and Logged in you will see an attached Excel file which youcan click on to download.

Add new languages to the file and upload it or send it to stoves@trmiles.com. We will post the results for general use.

South Asia Regional Workshop on Indoor Air Pollution, Health and Household Energy
27-28 February 2006, Kathmandu, Nepal
Practical Action February 2006

Dread & Works Enterprises Improved Cookstove Producers
Chewe Lazarus, Lusaka, Zambia April 2006
Dread & Works Enterprises, Chewe Lazarus, Biomass Cookstoves Producer, Lusaka, Zambia April 2006

Roger Samson, REAP-Canada, April 2006

In the Gambia, wood is used for cooking, construction, and local tool production. There is often more need for wood, than the number of local trees can support.

REAP-Canada developed the Mayon Turbo Stove to help reduce people's dependency on wood as a source of fuel for cooking meals. This stove was developed by REAP in cooperation with the local people of the Gambia, and it burns well with selective crop residues. millet husks, peanut shells, corn cob pieces, small pieces of grass and rice hull. This allows the women of the Gambia to forage for fuel close to home, relieves a burdon on families that would otherwise be paying for fuelwood. For more information, see the REAP-Canada web site: Mayon Turbo Stove: Gambia Case Study

Equitable Commercialization of Improved Cook Stoves (pdf)
Gregory Simon, University of Washington Department of Geography January 2006

Shell Foundation Breathing Space Programme HEH Strategy Review
Sharna Jarvis, Shell Foundation January 2006 (pdf)

Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Presentation to ETHOS 2006 (pdf)
Brenda Doroski,Partnership for Clean Indoor Air January 2006

Darfur Humanitarian Stove Project Assessment Report
Daniel Wolf and Mathew Langol
Aprovecho Research Centre and International Lifeline Fund January 2006

Testing of the CleanCook Stove in Refugee Camps in Ethiopia
Melat Esayas, Gaia Association January 2006

Micro Enterprise Stove Project in Honduras Protecting the Environment and Family Health
Stuart Conway, Trees, Water and People January 2006

Trees, Water & People
Honduran Association for Development
Aprovecho Research Center


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