Martin's Stove Term Lexicon

Martin's Stove Term Lexicon
Martin Boll, April 2006

Martin Boll has created a list of stove terms in German, English, Dutch and French.

Download the Stove-words-G-E-D-F-26-apr-2006.xls Excel file or if you have Created an Account and Logged in you will see an attached Excel file which youcan click on to download.

Add new languages to the file and upload it or send it to We will post the results for general use.

Dear Tom,

As I mentioned some time ago, I have made a stove-related word-list simultaneously in German, English, Dutch and French, which I attach as Exel-document.

Everybody can copy it and change the copy to fit for the searching direction. Therefore some words are repeated to get a 1 to 1 relation.

It is not perfect and not finished now. I would like the list to be corrected and accomplished by who wants and knows.

And to be used by everyone who wants.

- Corrections please with date, to know the newest edition, and

- with correctors name, if there are questions.

- Marking the changes with a different colour of the filled in / corrected box would make it easier for updating the word-list.

There are 5 exel-sheets, within one sheet collection. This collection (Stove-words-G-E-D-F-26-apr-2006.xls) contains:

1st: How to use: (and to change)

2nd: German: (alphabetically arranged in German)

3rd: English: (alphabetically arranged in English)

4th: Dutch: (alphabetically arranged in Dutch)

5th: French: (alphabetically arranged in French)

When you have altered the list and you want to make it then once more alphabetically:

1. Mark the whole sheet

2. Go to menu:

3. Choose sort

4. Choose within the first category English, if you want English alphabetically sorted.

5. Press return

Then the list is assorted for searching in English.

In the same way you can change the Exel-sheet to search from the other languages.

I would like to get other languages within the list too.

By my own experience it is worth, to google in different languages ;when you are looking for something. This is one of the possibilities to use the list.

Best regards



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