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The Guatemala Stove Project
Tom Clarke

The Guatemala Stove Project (GSP) is a small group of North American volunteers that began working in response to a request for help from CEDEC, an indigenous non-profit group working in Guatemala's Altiplano (Western Highlands). CEDEC had identified the need for masonry cookstoves in the communities they serve, but residents lacked the human and material resources to build such stoves for themselves. The Guatemala Stove Project has been born out of this need.

Since those first six stoves in 1999, the GSP has expanded rapidly, building 25 stoves in 2000, 1995 in 2001, 535 in 2002. In the spring of 2003 the thousandth stove was built and now we have built over 3000 stoves.

Tom Clarke or Ali Ross
Guatemala Stove Project
RR# 4, Perth, Ontario,
Canada K7H 3C6

Trees Water and People Project in Haiti
Jeremy Foster, Aprovecho Research Institute, April 2006

Asia Regional Cookstove Program Letter from the Secretariat February 2006


PCIA Bulletin Issue 6, January 2006
Lutfiyeh Ahmed, Elisa Derby, Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

Vivek - Burning Millet Husk in a Sawdust Burning Stove
A.D.Karve, Appropriate Rural Technology Institute, Pune, Inda, April 2006

Mayon Turbo Millet Husk Stove and Bokashi
Roger Samson, REAP Canada April 2006

Woodgas Stoves Available
Tom Reed, Biomass Energy Foundation, April 2006

The Onil Cooker (pdf), Cocedora Onil, Helps Retained heat cooker, demonstrated at ETHOS 2006, Kirkland, WA.

Selbstkocher- Self Cookers
Boll, Martin Dr. April 4, 2006


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