Trees Water and People and AMURT Project in Haiti

Trees Water and People Project in Haiti
Jeremy Foster, Aprovecho Research Institute, April 2006

Trees, Water and People,, is starting a stove project in Haiti. Dr. Larry Winiarski is going to Haiti next month for three weeks to evaluate the conditions and advise on the construction of appropriate models. Contact Stuart Conway, for details.

TWP will be working with Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team. AMURT is doing watershed protection, fruit tree planting and clean water projects in an area in northwestern Haiti near Gonaives. TWP, with help from the Aprovecho team, will adapt the Rocket stove to conditions there, especially for charcoal, the main fuel source for cooking.

This initial approach certainly doesn't preclude other strategies as opportunity and funding allow. We would hope that other groups will bring their talents to bear on the problem of fuel efficient cookstoves there as well.

I expect that regular progress reports will be posted for the benefit of all interested parties.

Best wishes, Jeremy
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