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New Lao Bucket charcoal stove by GERES and the Cambodia Fuel Savings Program (CFSP)

GERES/CFSP Cambodia New Lao Bucket StoveGERES/CFSP Cambodia New Lao Bucket Stove

Average efficiency 29% compared with traditional Lao Bucket 10%.

CFSP Stove Designs
Charcoal Savings Using the New Lao Bucket Stove, Stove Molds and Other CFSP tasks to improve production and dissemination
and Improving Wood Charcoal Manufacture

Brochure on Cambodia Fuel Savings Program

Monitoring Table

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Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy June 2, 2006
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Thank you very much and also thanks to all the members for their valuable suggestions on Woodgas Stove and Good Stove. I have recently designed a "Good Stove" - Portable. http://e-goodstoveportable.blogspot.com

Manual clay ring forming machine for making the combustion chamber of a small single-pot Rocket Stove.
New Dawn Engineering
Crispin Pemberton-Pigott June 2 2006

Our US public broadcasting system recently presented two good programs on AIDS http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/aids

For those of you in the field working with AIDS affected individuals, families and care givers: what impact do improved cooking techniques such as improved cookstoves, retained heat cookers, solar cookers and integrated cooking have on helping to cope with AIDS?

Images of experiments with a mesh wick in a charcoal stove.
Jigme Rangdrol Class of 10 year Olds June 2006

Mesh Wick

The original idea was to see if we could coax the gas from the fuel to climb up a mesh frame and burn above the fuel bed thus allowing us to see what was going on better and see subtle changes in CO burns.

Cook Stove Efficiency, Health and Environmental Impacts
Biomass Lab Report
Yanxia Chen, David Pew, Dan Abbott 2002

Laboratory comparison of traditional Kenyan Jiko and improved Kenyan Jiko for Efficiency, Particulate Matter and CO.

Improved Stoves and Organic Briquettes
Demetrio Roja, ADRA Peru August 2003
Richard Stanley, Legacy Foundation

Fogones mejorados y Briquetas Orgánicas

Indoor Air Pollution Reduction in Indoor Air Pollution Reduction in
Peru and Bangladesh
: Peru and Bangladesh:Experiences and Lessons to Date (pdf)
Lutfiyah Ahmed and Rogjordans for sale infrared

Paul Hait, May 29, 2006


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