The results of a search of the scholarly literature on Hayboxes/Haybags compiled by Student Brandy Wilken for Professor Paul S. Anderson


A larger Juntos that could probably serve for a small bakery.

In these two pictures, Paul Anderson is in green (on left) and George Wolf is in red.

Paul Anderson February 21, 2002

This is my report on the February 2002 developments with the Juntos (Together) stove.

(Paul S. Anderson) Jan 31, 2002

We are making some progress on the Juntos stove.

Yes, I do have a two-stage fire (or 2-level fire) or fires on each of 2 levels. Or maybe even could be called three (3) levels:

TLUD Workshop being offered prior to ETHOS Conference
Hosted by Hydrovolts
Biomass Energy Foundation is offering a Workshop on the technical and practical concepts of its micro-gasification units. Dr. Paul Anderson aka “Dr TLUD” will provide an overview of the science and technology of the Top Lit Up Draft (TLUD) stove and its applications in meeting the cooking needs of local communities around the globe.
He will be assisted by Bob Fairchild, Christa Roth, and Kathy Nafie.

PREFACE (By Paul S. Anderson, to Alexis T. Belonio's "Rice Husk Gas Stove Handbook" 2005)

The importance of this “Handbook” and the work of Engr. Alexis Belonio should not be underestimated. I have been given the honor to write this Preface, and my intent is to illustrate the importance of this work.

Fan-blaster Combustors, Stove Camp 2006, and the Dell-Point Pellet Stove
Paul S. Anderson, September 18, 2006

Fan StovesFan Stoves

Juntos, Phillips, Woodgas, and Woodflame Gusto Fan Stoves


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