TChar Technology for Cookstoves: Part B: Construction has been released. It is available for download at:
The TChar is a TLUD which lifts off at the end of the gasifier phase to drop char into either a charcoal stove bottom for continued use as cooking charcoal or a quench base for later use as charcoal or biochar.Chaussures Homme J.M. Weston

The TChar(tm) stove is a TLUD stove that lifts off at the end of the gasification stage to drop the charcoal into a T-base(tm): a charcoal stove to continue cooking with the charcoal created or a quench base to save the charcoal for biochar or other use.
Download Part A of TChar Technology for Cookstoves at:『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧

TLUD Workshop being offered prior to ETHOS Conference
Hosted by Hydrovolts
Biomass Energy Foundation is offering a Workshop on the technical and practical concepts of its micro-gasification units. Dr. Paul Anderson aka “Dr TLUD” will provide an overview of the science and technology of the Top Lit Up Draft (TLUD) stove and its applications in meeting the cooking needs of local communities around the globe.
He will be assisted by Bob Fairchild, Christa Roth, and Kathy Nafie.

From Crispin: "You know the top of the Stovetec 2-door unit? It has a very thin cast iron plate which is quite cheap but you have to get them from China, about $1. Perhaps they could be made in AL from local drink cans. I don’t think anyone could melt one in normal use."

From Christa Roth:
we had the same idea in Madagascar, where pot-makers in the highlands not only make pots but all sorts of other items at low prices from aluminium. great stuff. all made with sand casting. the Swiss NGO ADES ran with the idea and started making potsupports in 2009, but I only saw the first stove in Switzerland last year (see photos). I don't know the cost but it is affordable.

please copy, it is doable! at least where you have a trade and the skills in country, which seem to be more abundant in the french-speaking countries in Africa

and I like Crispins idea to cast different pots. Let us know how things go. It might be easier to getting the pots adopted than some stoves...
regards Christa
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