Fuel Efficient Wood Stoves and Hayboxes: Efficiency of Combustion, Operator Expertise, and Heat Transfer Efficiency (1996)
By Dean Still, Jim Kness, Bradley Billetsen, Gabriel Cox, Michael Espenan, Jean Baptiste Nael, Danielle Nicholas, Meera Subramanian, Daniel F. Zettler
Aprovecho Research Center, July 3, 1996

Good summary on stove efficiency by Aprovecho in 1996.
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The Garlington Wood Gas Stove
Ray Garlington 2003

[img_assist|fid=478|thumb=1|alt=The Garlington Wood Gas Stove]

Downdraft Barbeque
Peter Verhaart (Feb 7,99), Water Boiling Tests (Mar 6, 2002)

We have used it quite a few times now (we are not great barbecuers), it is quite convenient to operate. It typically takes 12 minutes to settle into smokeless and odourless combustion, our official propane fired bbq takes longer.

The Guatemala Stove Project
Tom Clarke

The Guatemala Stove Project (GSP) is a small group of North American volunteers that began working in response to a request for help from CEDEC, an indigenous non-profit group working in Guatemala's Altiplano (Western Highlands). CEDEC had identified the need for masonry cookstoves in the communities they serve, but residents lacked the human and material resources to build such stoves for themselves. The Guatemala Stove Project has been born out of this need.

Since those first six stoves in 1999, the GSP has expanded rapidly, building 25 stoves in 2000, 1995 in 2001, 535 in 2002. In the spring of 2003 the thousandth stove was built and now we have built over 3000 stoves.

Tom Clarke or Ali Ross
Guatemala Stove Project
RR# 4, Perth, Ontario,
Canada K7H 3C6

Woodgas Stoves
Keith Addison, Journey to Forever

Keith addison has nice colleciton of wodgas (and other) stoves on his Journey to Forever site. See: Woodgas Stoves

Valuation of fuelwood and charcoal in developing countries (pdf), thesis outline, Stephanie Van de vreken, University Ghent Belgium and FAO, February 2005

The NEW PDI- Family Cooker (Pakistan Design Institute -Family Cooker), Chris Adam, May 2005

PDI CookerPDI Cooker
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The Onil Stove 2005, Don Oneal, HELPS International

For the most up to date information, see their web site http://www.onilstove.com

Don O'Neal and Helps International have developed efficient cooking stoves in two basic styles.


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