Easy Oven Retained Heat Cooker
Easy Oven Retained Heat Cooker w/ Rocketworks Stove

Jo Kennard in Australia has developed a retained heat cooker the Easy Oven, and has developed an excellent table of recommended cooking times and recipes to go with it.

Inspired by traditional Haybox cookers, and made from modern materials, the EasyOven saves between 86% - 90% of energy used while cooking meals, keeps food hot (or cold) for up to 3 hours. It was field tested during the Christchurch earthquakes and the Brisbane floods, and it is at home both in rural kitchens and in suburban potlucks. For More information see http://www.easyoven.com.ausneakers

The Green Pail Retained Heat Cooker
Lanny Henson, June 7, 2008
Green Pail CookerGreen Pail Cooker

The results of a search of the scholarly literature on Hayboxes/Haybags compiled by Student Brandy Wilken for Professor Paul S. Anderson psanders@ilstu.edu


Hay Box/RHC: Cooking in a Basket website
Elizabeth Riddiford,Community Conservation Initiative (CCI-Kenya), June 1, 2007
Kakamenga BasketKakamenga Basket

Going Commercial
Don Oneal, HELPS International,August 27, 2006

HELPS Going CommercialHELPS Going Commercial

Thought you might be interested in the HELPS stove, retained heat cooker and water filter being sold through a major hardware chain in Guatemala.

Regards Don

Fuel Efficient Wood Stoves and Hayboxes: Efficiency of Combustion, Operator Expertise, and Heat Transfer Efficiency (1996)
By Dean Still, Jim Kness, Bradley Billetsen, Gabriel Cox, Michael Espenan, Jean Baptiste Nael, Danielle Nicholas, Meera Subramanian, Daniel F. Zettler
Aprovecho Research Center, July 3, 1996

Good summary on stove efficiency by Aprovecho in 1996.
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Mrs. Mary Kavita, Haybox Cooker, Makeweni, Kenya, Courtesy Richard Stanley, Legacy Foundation, November 2005

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