Hay Box/RHC: Cooking in a Basket website

Hay Box/RHC: Cooking in a Basket website
Elizabeth Riddiford,Community Conservation Initiative (CCI-Kenya), June 1, 2007
Kakamenga BasketKakamenga Basket

Thank you very much for your emails re Smoke-less Stoves and the use of hay-boxes/fuel-less cookers.

You can find more information about them on my 'Cooking in a Basket' website (http://cookinginabasket.blogspot.com),
including instructions on how to make a cooking basket/hay box, plus recipes, cooking times, etc.

The 'Cooking in a Basket' website also includes a link to More About Hay Boxes which, in turn, has links to further sources of information about retained heat cookers and hay boxes.

I hope that you find this information helpful to you.


Elizabeth Riddiford
Project Facilitator
The Community Conservation Initiative (CCI-Kenya)
email: http://www.communityconservation-initiative.org.uk

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