Hybrid Stove Two
Lanny Henson, January 16, 2008
Near the end of the gasification phase I switched to the charcoal phase.

The Three Stone Stove by Lanny Henson
Lanny Henson, December 9, 2006

Three Stone StoveThree Stone Stove

The Three Stone Stove utilizes heat from a three stone fire.

Dung Berry Fireballs
Lanny Henson, October 30, 2006

The CRAB Stove (Henson Charcoal Rice And Bean Cooker)
Lanny Henson, October 21, 2006

The CRAB Stove (Henson Charcoal Rice And Bean Cooker)The CRAB Stove (Henson Charcoal Rice And Bean Cooker)

The CRAB Stove a low cost metal charcoal stove by Lanny Henson.

CRAB Stove- The Henson Charcoal Rice And Bean Cooker cooks, serves and holds. It is efficient and saves up to 75% on fuel. It is inexpensive, easy to build and easy to use, just light it and forget it. Only 150 grams of charcoal cooks 5 kilograms of rice. That is about ¼ the UCB Water Boiling Test Benchmark of 600 grams for charcoal.

The CRAB Stove only needs 175 grams of charcoal cooks 5 liters of pintos for 2 hours, or boil and simmers 5 liters of water/stew.

It functions three ways, it cooks, it serves, it holds.




Fire Biscuits and Holey Books
Lanny Henson September 9, 2006



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