The Pop-Up Two Buck Stove

The Pop-Up Two Buck Stove
Lanny Henson, November 27, 2007

Check out my new stove.

This is the first prototype of the Pop Up Two Buck Stove, a compact, clean burning, wood fired, natural draft design. I have use easy to learn methods and inexpensive common materials, so the design will be one that an average person could learn to build.
150 grams of wood boiled a liter of water in 18 min. and retain 21 grams of charcoal.
150 grams of bamboo cooked 1.1 kilos (cooked weight) of rice.

The Pop Up Two Buck Stove

001- Is a compact, natural draft

002- Clean burning

006- Fuel-efficient stove

005- 150 grams

007- boils 1 liter

009- and makes 21 grams of charcoal

010- The Side Supply Burner is top lit.

011- In with the pot at 3 min

012- At 5 min

013- At 7 min no visible smoke

014- At 11 min all clear

015- At 15 min a whiff of smoke

016- At 17 min clear exhaust

018- At 18 min from striking the lighter, a rolling boil

019- There were 21 grams of charcoal left.

020- The Pop-Up is made entirely from 4 recycled cans

021- Using simple tools

022- And methods

023- The Pop-Up Stove would make a good portable rice cooker.

025- 150 grams of bamboo

024- Cooks 1.1 kilos of rice =350 grams dry weight = 7.7 servings

This is the first prototype of the Pop-Up Stove and I am pleased with its performance. I am especially pleased that the Side Supply Burner works with such a short draft height. It does take more skills to operate being so short. You have to know your wood and tune the burner to it. This would be a bigger problem if large quantities of fuel were being consumed but at 150 grams per use, maintaining consistent fuel would not be as big a problem.

I am going to make some improvements to #2 so that it will pack better and build a separate burner for bamboo. The burner that I am using is tuned for pallet oak and dead fall oak limbs. It burns bamboo a little too fast which creates fire in the gap and more smoke.

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