Coconut fiber Stove, Biomass Shredder and Pelletizer

Alexis Belonio, University of the Phillipines, May, 2008

Cocopeat PelletizerCocopeat Pelletizer

Delta State Pilot Study Final Report, Selected Photos (attached pdf)

Jim Murren, Project Gaia, April 2008

Providing Users’ Responses to the Methanol-fueled CleanCook Stove during Project Gaia’s 2007 Pilot Study in Delta State, Nigeria

User Feedback - Clean Cook StoveUser Feedback - Clean Cook Stove

Hybrid Stove Making Charcoal (YouTube)
Lanny Henson, July 26, 2007

Biomass cooking stove burns wood to charcoal and saves the charcoal. One pound of wood cooks 6 kilos of rice and makes 65 grams of char.

Hybrid Stove Burning Bamboo Pan Cooking

Here is another 3 min video of the Hybrid Stove burning bamboo chips and pan cooking eggs.
Bamboo chips burns well in the Side Supply Burner but the pan only reached medium heat.
The heat from the burner seems to be diffusing and bypassing the pan. Enough heat is being generated by the burner but the pan module lacks focus.
Suggestions to fix pan module?


The Flames of Hope: A Berkeley physicist has found a way to help keep Darfurians alive, by building a better kitchen stove.
By Barrett Sheridan, Newsweek, July 16, 2007

Tapio Niemi's Turbo Stove
Updated December 8, 2006

Turbo Stove
Turbo Stove

Take a look at one or more of the following:

Chamber Stoves Website ( Todd White )


Hugh's Place

Specializing in Chambers stove restoration:

Macy's Texas Stoveworks. Yeezy 350

Stovers! A design of the wood-gas cook stove very good. The return process is better. I give the version on a figure. The stove received more complexes, but more effective. The products of pirolis will pass through incandescent coal and completely will be destroyed. There can be somebody it will roar to check up?
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Dick Boyt has built a stove out of ten cans of various sizes. The drawing below shows how it fits together and operates.


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