Coco Fiber, Shredder, Pelletizer and Stove

Coconut fiber Stove, Biomass Shredder and Pelletizer

Alexis Belonio, University of the Phillipines, May, 2008

Cocopeat PelletizerCocopeat Pelletizer

Coco Pellet StoveCoco Pellet Stove

Here is the info of the manually operated cocopeat pelletizer which I promised to send you. Other similar materials like sawdusts can also be pelletized using this machine.

I would greatly appreciate if you can post this to bioenergylists website together with the other articles which I sent you for others to benefit.

Coconut ShredderCoconut Shredder

The attached info are my previous works I have with regards to the production of fiber from biomass wastes. The biomass shredder is the machine which I developed for producing loosely processed fibrous material for composting purposes. The other one which is the coconut decorticator is used for making coco fiber and cocopeat.

The cocofiber is very popular in the Philippines for
the production of geotextile while cocopeat is commonly used as soil matting material. Since cocopeat is not much utilized and so much abundant, this concern has led us to develop the pelletizer as well as the stove. Kindly go through these articles for their details. Air Jordan