Turbo Stove, Finland

Tapio Niemi's Turbo Stove
Updated December 8, 2006

Turbo Stove
Turbo Stove

Technical Information

Turbo Stove Construction
Turbo Stove Construction

Look especially how it is assembled (description and pictures) in the Assembly instructions (pdf)

Niemi developed the stove in Africa.

Thanks for Martin Boll for finding this link.

From Danish Ezine:
How did this design improve life?:
Turbo Stove - A New Cooker that Operates on Bioenergy.
Hundreds of various types of stoves made of stone, clay and sheet metal have not been able to solve the problems related to the preparation of food by women under conditions in the developing nations. Regardless of the catastrophe-related causes, people require food and firewood. Amongst all the food shipments, tents, pots and cauldrons, there has been a distinct lack of cookers incorporating bioenergetic and other agricultural waste materials in their heating systems.Nike Air Max