The "Easy 5 Gallon Bucket Rocket Stove", is very easy to build. All materials anyone needs to cook a good hot meal is a metal 5 gallon bucket, some stove pipe and vermiculite, pearlite or similar insulation (even "wood ash" can be used). Since the insulation separates the heat from the housing, almost ALL of the flame and heat is directed up to the cooking pot or utensil. Almost NO heat is wasted, making it one of the most efficient rocket stoves I've seen. Definitely one one the EASIEST to build and transport!

Ron Ray

Build an Improved Cookstove
EASE Vietnam,June 30, 2008

This video is published under Vietnam EASE Programme which stands for Enabling Access to Sustainable Energy. The video is product of Improved Cookstove Market Development Project implemented by Research Center for Energy and Environment (RCEE) and Center for Population Environment and Development (PED). The video was recorded in an on-job training in Thai Nguyen province.

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