Delta State Pilot Study Final Report, Selected Photos (attached pdf)

Jim Murren, Project Gaia, April 2008

Providing Users’ Responses to the Methanol-fueled CleanCook Stove during Project Gaia’s 2007 Pilot Study in Delta State, Nigeria

User Feedback - Clean Cook StoveUser Feedback - Clean Cook Stove

LPG Kisra Plate Sudan
Ahmed Hood, April 1, 2008

LPG Kisra PlateLPG Kisra Plate

Charcoal Use and Technology in Rwanda and Tanzania
Tom Miles March 9, 2008

Small-scale Torrefaction for Developing Countries
Gerald Van Koeverden, March 08, 2008

Impact Evaluation of the Use of Ethanol with the CleanCook Stove in the Kebribeyah Refuge Camp
Ephrem Hassen, Ethiopian Rural Energy Development and Promotion Center, Ministry of Mines and Energy,Addis Ababa, October 2006
James Murren, Project Gaia/Stokes Consulting Group, March 2008
CleanCook StoveCleanCook Stove

Stove by the African Christian Organizations Network
Salim Mayeki Shaban, Programme Coordinator, African Christians Organization Network, January 26, 2008

AIDUGANDA: Why are these Women Carrying Stoves on their Heads? and Other Images from Uganda and Darfur
Ken Goyer, AidUganda, October 2007

Aiduganda has been installing stoves in Uganda and Darfur. The following are links to images and videos from those activities courtesy of Ken Goyer.

Why are these Women Carrying Stoves on their Heads?

Cooking with the standard pot in Darfur

SixBricks Rocket stoves in Lira Refugee Camps

Solar Energy Enterprises Company Ltd.
Salih Hamadto, Khartoum, Sudan July 2007

Solar Cooking Videos
YouTube July 2007

3-D Cooking:Rocket Stoves, Hay Boxes and Solar Cookers The Solution Rises Every Morning Rwanda, Cally Alles, Wilfred & Marie Pimental, Rotary International, Solar Cooker Rwanda Association


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