Wood Pellet Camping ad Biofuel Stove
Deris Jeneatte, Cleardome Solar, april 2008

Here's a stove and solar appliances for the camping set. Some concepts may apply to cooking stoves.

Plans for Solar Cookers
The Solar Cooking Archive

Solar Still
Frank Shields, Soil Control Lab, Watsonville, CA August 5, 2007
Solar StillSolar Still

Solar Cooking Videos
YouTube July 2007

3-D Cooking:Rocket Stoves, Hay Boxes and Solar Cookers The Solution Rises Every Morning Rwanda, Cally Alles, Wilfred & Marie Pimental, Rotary International, Solar Cooker Rwanda Association

Winiarski Solar Still
Larry Winiarski, Aprovecho Research Center, June 12, 2007

ABC Rural: The Solar Nest
Caleb Cluff, Australia, February 2007
Solar NestSolar Nest

Promoting solar cookers through the Solars Cookers International
Ramon Coyle, Solar Cookers International, Sacramento,CA 2005

Practical Action Boiling Point Issue 51 2005
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