EnterpriseWorks/VITA (EWV)

The Gyapa stove is a stove that EnterpriseWorks/VITA (EWV) brought to Ghana with the help of the Shell Foundation and USAID.

Mike Bess, Energy for Sustainable Development, UK

Selling Lakech
Selling Lakech Mercato Addis Ababa

From Crispin: "You know the top of the Stovetec 2-door unit? It has a very thin cast iron plate which is quite cheap but you have to get them from China, about $1. Perhaps they could be made in AL from local drink cans. I don’t think anyone could melt one in normal use."

From Christa Roth:
we had the same idea in Madagascar, where pot-makers in the highlands not only make pots but all sorts of other items at low prices from aluminium. great stuff. all made with sand casting. the Swiss NGO ADES ran with the idea and started making potsupports in 2009, but I only saw the first stove in Switzerland last year (see photos). I don't know the cost but it is affordable.

please copy, it is doable! at least where you have a trade and the skills in country, which seem to be more abundant in the french-speaking countries in Africa

and I like Crispins idea to cast different pots. Let us know how things go. It might be easier to getting the pots adopted than some stoves...
regards Christa
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I wish to promote some of your product especially the stove and its boi fuel in my country as part of my contributions to the charity home. how do i go about this? My name is Dada Ayobami, a Nigerian, Manager of Alugoke nig limited(hydro-works)

Big Stve pulling out fresh baked bread.

World Food Program sets out to start the save stoves initiative. The initiative is focused on refugees and other poor women, and highlights the need for stoves to reduce time spent gathering firewood.

Initiative highlights:
"WFP’s Safe Access to Firewood and Alternative Energy in Humanitarian Settings (SAFE) project will scale up distribution of fuel-efficient and “improved mud” stoves to assist almost 100,000 women in North Darfur. These stoves consume less firewood and lower health risks associated with smoke."

"In Uganda, WFP will focus on refugees and pastoralists in the drought-hit Karamoja region. It will provide more than 35,000 households and 50 schools with fuel-efficient stoves, as well as helping women to find other sources of income."

Fuel Efficient Stove Programs in IDP Settings - Summary Evaluation Report, Darfur
Academy for Educational Development for USAID, December 2008

Around the world, conflict and natural disasters have displaced millions of people. Displaced populations fleeing to settlement camps and seeking safety in host villages often put great stress on natural resources, leading to environmental degradation and conflict with local populations. One of the greatest needs of people affected by crisis, be they displaced, settled, or on the move, is firewood or some other type of fuel to cook their food, heat their homes, and treat water for drinking and food preparation. The risks endured (especially by women and children) collecting scarce wood resources constitute some of the most challenging and serious protection concerns both in IDP camps and in villages where conflict over resources is high.

PCIA Bulletin 14: PCIA Partners in Africa
Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, January 7,2008

Dear Partners,

We have published the 14th issue of the PCIA Bulletin!

Namibia Stove
Dexter Matelakengisa, GTZ, January 3, 2008
Namibia Stove
A new stove from Namibia. It looks something like a metal Mandaleo Stove.


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