Solar Energy Enterprises Company Ltd.

Solar Energy Enterprises Company Ltd.
Salih Hamadto, Khartoum, Sudan July 2007

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Solar Energy Enterprises Company (SEEC) is a private Sudanese company working in steel fabrication and special adapted technologies, like solar and renewable energy and rural water supply and clarification facilities. In addition, the company offers a range of specialized scientific and engineering consultancy work, specially in environmental protection issues.

The company, which is a propagation of “Dr. Salih Hamadto’s Enterprises”, established in 1983, has successfully carried out many large contracts, a list of which is depicted in 6. under. The company is also considered as a leading private-sector establishment concerned with scientific and industrial research and development, and the training of high-grade technical personnel. Through its excellent association with the scientific and academic community, the company has also carried out, in addition to contracting, many consultancies.

Scope of Activities
Steel Fabrication, with active production lines in Heavy sheet metal rolling, with products covering:
- Fuel storage depots, to millions of gallons capacity.
- Fuel ground storage tanks.
- Steel pipes and road culverts
- Water storage tanks and elevated tank’s towers.
- Rural water treatment units.
- Specialized products developed locally for the oil industry, like oil skimmers, special skid tanks and cellars for oil drilling rigs.
- Sheet metal office furniture.
- General steel fabrication of steel structures, Hangers, grill work and fittings.

Solar Energy Utilization, covering:

- The local design, manufacture and dissimenation of solar thermal utilities, like domestic dish cookers, domestic hot water systems, water distillers, food dryers and large-scale community kitchens, with units cooking three meals a day for a thousand people.
- The design, procurement and installation of solar electric systems, like solar pumps, lighting and telecommunication units, cathodic protection systems, etc.

Rural Community Development (CD) Projects:

- Rural Drinking Water projects: clarifiers, towers, tanks & Water delivery systems.
- School Buildings: design, fabrication & errection.
- Clinical & medical centers, vocational training centers , community buildings.
- Agro storage facilities.

Personnel Training

- As a matter of policy, and as part of its mission, the company sponsors young Sudanese scientists, students and technicians. Over the past years, over 160 B.Sc. graduation projects and 26 M.Sc.’s were sponsored, to degree attainment. Hundreds of technicians (welders, fitters and sheet metal workers), mostly interns from vocational training institutes, have also been trained in our workshop.

Consultancy Work:

- The company has useful links with many Sudanese and international scientists and experts. Useful consultancies, some world-class (see 4. under) have been carried out in the fields of Bioremediation of oil produced water, small industries development, environmental issues, technical education, optics and instrumentation.

P.O. Box : 13432 Khartoum – Sudan

Director : Dr Salih Hamadto
Mobile Phone : +249 912392526

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