Aprovecho Stove Camp 2007 UPDATE: 6-12-2007
Jeremy Roth, Aprovecho Research Center, June 12, 2007

The 2007 Aprovecho Stove Camp is almost 1 month away! We have reserved a group campsite at Dorena Lake (where Dean keeps his sailboat) just outside of Cottage Grove. If you plan on attending Stove Camp, and would like to stay at the campsite (cheaper than a hotel, and much more scenic), please contact Jeremy at Aprovecho to reserve a spot. Total cost per person is $40 for 5 nights. We have the site reserved from 7-15 through 7-19. There are also hotels in Cottage Grove and Creswell for approx. $60 - $100 /night.

Cost for the Stove Camp is $100 for students. $200-$500 for others (Sliding Scale)
Please contact us to sign up!

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Laboratory Testing of Rocket Stoves of Various Capacities As Compared to the Three Stone Fire
Dean Still, Nordica MacCarty, Aprovecho Research Center, April 2007

In an effort to understand the relationship between stove capacity and fuel use and emissions the performance of three sizes of rocket stoves were compared.


The stoves were tested with the 2003 UCB revised Water Boiling Test. Pots that were integral to the stoves were used without a lid. Kiln dried Douglas fir at approximately 10% moisture content was burned in all tests. Only one test was performed on the household stoves. Therefore, results are not statistically valid but should be useful for general comparison. The [attached] graphs show results from three Rocket type stoves as compared to a carefully tended Three Stone Fire.

Comparing the Charcoal Burning Rocket and Jiko Stoves (pdf)
Dean Still and Nordica MacCarty, Aprovecho Research Center, June 22nd, 2006

The charcoal Rocket Stove was compared to the Jiko-type charcoal stove sent from Ghana. 600 grams of Kingsford charcoal was placed in the stoves under the Aprovecho emissions hood. One test was performed on each stove for preliminary studies. The stoves are compared in the following graph for carbon monoxide emissions during a cooking task (to boil 5L of water and simmer 30 minutes).

Initial Improvement of a Charcoal Burning Rocket Stove (pdf)
Dean Still, Nordica MacCarty Aprovecho Research Center June 5 2006, Rev June 14

Fuel Entrance ClosedFuel Entrance Closed

Comparing Cook Stoves (pdf)
Dean Still, Aprovecho Research Institute, ETHOS January 2006

Performance benchmarks for biomass cooking stoves were presented at the 2006 ETHOS (Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service) conference by Dean Still, Nordica Hudelson and Damon Ogle of Aprovecho Research Center. The benchmarks will be useful to stove designers and developers to compare their stoves against many others. The benchmarks were derived from tests of 20 stoves (9 replications each) in work funded by Shell Foundation and the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (USEPA).


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