The aim of this test was to finalise the design of the Anila stove, which had been produced in India ready for distribution to households to gather feedback from them about usability.
This is for the project:

Without wanting to change the design too much from the original plans, the following changes were deemed necessary –

Testing of the Anila stove in Cambodia 03.05.2010
Sarah Carter and Vichida Tan, UK Biochar Research Centre

See for a similar test on Anderson's TLUD, and for testing of EverythingNice stove.

Anila Biomass Gasifier Stove Designed and built by Professor U.N. Ravikumar (Eng) Mysore University, India In Biochar and SCAD presented by David Friese-Greene, The Schumacher Institute, Bristol (9.88MB pdf)

Anila Stove Anila Stove
Combustion Cycle Combustion Cycle
Cutaway Diagram of the Anila Stove Cutaway Diagram of the Anila Stove
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