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open day baking class demonstration
tree seeds and charcoal farming demo
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A wonderful afternoon with Susan Kamau's Kenya Kitchens Cooking Club. Susan is a Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Ambassasdor Chef and we very pleased to partner with her to have a open afternoon at UCHUMI SUPERMARKETS LTD to hold a baking demonstration and discussion about energy conservation, clean cooking, nutritional baking as a business and of course healthy delicious eating!

In 1992, Dr. Maxwell Kinyanjui made the initial prototype of the Cookswell Energy Efficient Charcoal Oven, domestic and business sized convection ovens designed for baking and roasting on just a few handfuls of charcoal.
Using a Cookswell Charcoal Oven means zero dependence on electricity and oil or gas for all household cooking needs. This can translate into reducing energy bills by up to 70% through switching to charcoal.
The ovens are designed to provide an even heat flow throughout the cooking area so flipping and turning of the food is un-needed. The heat can be controlled from between 150F-450F by using the air inlet. The ovens come with a factory standard alloy-zinc body, steel legs with non-slip feet and have an inbuilt no-mess ashtray and drippings tray.
Our ovens range in price from 11,000 Ksh for the smallest domestic sizes that can bake 3 loaves of bread to 45,000 Ksh for our largest heavy duty commercial ovens that bake over 80 loaves per load.
Baking is nutritionally a much better and easier form of cooking that preserves the nutrients in the food and allows for a wide array of food combinations that require less water, fat and oil to cook. With the reemergence of knowledge of the health benefits of traditional foods, Cookswell Ovens make preparing all of your best dishes easier and more pocket friendly for a range of healthy meals for your whole community. Free range “kinyeji” chicken with an arrowroot/butternut squash rosemary melody, or sweet potato bread to go with tea in the morning - the options are limitless.
For oven users in the commercial sector, a Cookswell Oven will save money and improve quality and standards of service, from optional hot water heater tanks to huge savings on energy bills and even providing heated plates for that extra touch. Cookswells’ quality reflects your choice of high quality in your kitchen products.
In order to help us make charcoal a sustainable energy source, all of our ovens come with a packet of acacia tree seeds so that you can plant and grow your own charcoal for future use.

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