Charcoal Producing Microgasifier
Robert Flanagan, SAFFE, China, July 2007

This is a simple way to convert fibrous material with moisture of less than 25% to clean energy and charcoal or Carbon Negative Energy!!!

Cookstove System Save80
Climate Interchange AG,Garching/Munich, Germany, July 2008
Cookstove Save80Cookstove Save80

Prakti Design Lab, Pondicherry, India
Mouhsine Serrar, Director, July 2008
Prakti Design LabPrakti Design Lab

MJA Biomass Gas Stove
Alexis Belonio, July 23, 2008
MJA Biomass Gas StoveMJA Biomass Gas Stove Burning Coal

Alexis Belonio writes (edited and annotated by Paul Anderson and Tom Miles):

Attached is a picture of my latest coal gasifier stove. This
is the same basic TLUD stove I have for wood charcoal and wood chunks.

For domestic use, I use carbonized coal (or coke) as fuel instead
of the raw coal. Coal can be used for the stove, but we don't want to promote
this as a fuel since it emits poisonous gas. I would prefer to use coal for
industry application where gas can be cleaned before it is released to the

I provide only a small amount of coal fuel in the gasifier stove, enough
for cooking. This mean that the power output is only small and the
metal I use is a stainless steel.

I ignite the carbonized coal by using a wood charcoal that has been soaked in
kerosene as igniter. [This is a TLUD stove, so ignition is at the top.]

[In the Belonio TLUDs, the fan only blows the primary air. The
secondary air is
pre-heated as it rises naturally between the fuel cylinder and the outer
cylinder, finally exiting into the rising flow of combustible gases.]
The smoke in the coal gasifier I have was eliminated [combusted] by mixing
preheated air with the gas generated from the reactor. I think
there is no need of [forced] mixing the secondary air by creating turbulence
with the combustible gases. Because in that case, you will need a
slightly bigger fan with enough pressure to push the air.
MJ Biomass Gas StoveMJ Biomass Gas Stove

Alexis Belonio

BP Pellet Stove in India
Roger Samson, July 2008

A Small Stove With Big Ambitions
A $17 stove could reduce carbon emissions and improve women’s health in India, Margot Cohen, YaleGlobal, 7 April 2008

This is great 4 minute video

PCIA Bulletin Issue 16: Partners in Asia
Partners for Clean Indoor Air, July 2008

Build an Improved Cookstove
EASE Vietnam,June 30, 2008

This video is published under Vietnam EASE Programme which stands for Enabling Access to Sustainable Energy. The video is product of Improved Cookstove Market Development Project implemented by Research Center for Energy and Environment (RCEE) and Center for Population Environment and Development (PED). The video was recorded in an on-job training in Thai Nguyen province.

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"FACTORS INFLUENCING COMMUNITY ADOPTION OF GOOD STOVES" is a paper written based on my experience and referring to literature.

Manually-operated biomass pelletizer - clay as a binder?
Charlie Sellers, May 10, 2008
Honeycomb CoalHoneycomb Coal


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